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What does hip arthroscopy surgery treat?

shutterstock 103383074 300x200 - What does hip arthroscopy surgery treat?Hip arthroscopy orthopedic surgery is designed to treat a number of problems associated with the hip function.

Southern California Hip Institute (SCHI), led by board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tigran Garabekyan, provides hip arthroscopy surgery to patients in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other towns and cities in this part of the southwest.

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)

FAI refers to bone overgrowth, also known as bone spurs, development around the femoral head and/or along the acetabulum. The extra bone leads to abnormal contact between the hip bones. This inhibits smooth movement during activities. Over a period, this can lead to tears of the labrum and articular cartilage breakdown (osteoarthritis).

Types of FAI

There are 3 forms of FAI: pincer, cam, and combined impingement.


This kind of impingement happens due to extra bone projecting out over the normal rim of the acetabulum. The labrum may be crushed under the protuberant rim of the acetabulum.


In this type of impingement, the femoral head is not round. This means that it cannot rotate smoothly inside the acetabulum. There is a bump formation on the femoral head’s edge which grinds the cartilage inside the acetabulum.


Combined impingement implies that both the pincer and cam types of FAI exist.

Arthroscopic surgery can address multiple FAI issues. These procedures are performed with tiny incisions and thin instruments. The surgeon inserts a small camera, known as an arthroscope, to see inside the hip.

In an arthroscopy procedure, the surgeon can correct or clean out damage to the articular cartilage and labrum. They can also treat FAI by trimming the acetabulum’s bony rim while shaving down the femoral head’s bump.

In some serious cases, the patient may need an open surgery with a more substantial incision to achieve this.


This is a condition where the hip socket is unnaturally shallow. This creates more pressure on the labrum to keep the femoral head within the socket making it more vulnerable to tearing.


After applying traction, the surgeon will create a small puncture in the patient’s hip (around a buttonhole’s size) for the arthroscope. Using the arthroscope, the surgeon can see inside the patient’s hip and assess the damage. Fluid flows through the arthroscope keeping the view clear and managing any bleeding.

Images from the arthroscope are projected on a video screen. This enables the surgeon to see inside the hip joint and identify any issues. The surgeon will assess the joint before starting a particular treatment.

After the problem has been determined, the surgeon will insert other tiny instruments through separate incisions. They will use these instruments to smooth torn cartilage or repair it.


The synovial membrane of the hip joint should ideally be white. However, if the hip joint is painful and irritated, it usually happens due to the joint lining (Synovium) being swollen, irritated, and red.

In the arthroscopic synovectomy procedure, the surgeon will clear out the redness and eliminate the swelling that has been leading to the pain. Sometimes cortisone injections can also help address the inflammation. However, if there is damage within the hip, the cortisone is typically not effective, or the pain recurs after a short duration.

Compassionate orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tigran Garabekyan receives patients from North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for hip arthroscopy surgery.

Dr. Tigran Garabekyan is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip preservation. To learn more about Southern California Hip Institute or to schedule a consultation, click here to contact us or call:

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