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Pelvic Pain And Limping Caused by Hip Dysplasia Treatment

shutterstock 1245941269 300x200 - Pelvic Pain And Limping Caused by Hip Dysplasia TreatmentThe treatment for hip dysplasia depends on the extent of the hip damage as well as the age of the patient.

In infants, the treatment typically involves the use of a soft brace, such as a Pavlik harness, to hold the ball portion of the joint firmly in its socket for many months. This enables the socket to mold to the ball’s shape.

However, the brace is not an effective solution for infants older than six months. Rather, the doctor may move the bones into the correct alignment and hold them in this position for several months via a full-body cast. At times, the patient may need surgical intervention to ensure that the joints fit together appropriately.


In Certain Cases

In more severe cases of dysplasia, the position of the hip socket may also require correction. In a procedure known as a periacetabular osteotomy, the surgeon will cut the socket free from the pelvis and subsequently reposition it so that it aligns better with the ball.

Hip replacement orthopedic surgery may be suitable for older people who experience severe hip damage over time due to dysplasia leading to enervating arthritis.

Southern California Hip Institute (SCHI), led by board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tigran Garabekyan, provides advanced treatments for the hip joint to patients in Los Angeles, Century City, CA, and surrounding locations.


Expected Questions from the Surgeon

The surgeon will likely ask the patient a few questions. The patient should be ready with answers to these questions to have more time for any aspects that they want to discuss in greater detail. The doctor may ask the following questions:

  • When did you or your child initially start experiencing symptoms?
  • Have the symptoms been occasional or continuous?
  • If you or your child has already been detected with hip dysplasia, when and where was this diagnosis made?
  • Do your symptoms seem to improve with anything?
  • Does anything cause the symptoms to worsen?


Advanced Diagnosis Techniques

Today, advanced research and lab facilities are available to orthopedic surgeons allowing them to make use of state-of-the-art imaging tests as well as physical exams to attain in-depth and accurate diagnosis of the hip condition.


Preparing for the Appointment

The patient will likely bring their concerns to their family doctor initially, who may then refer them to an orthopedic surgeon.

Prior to their appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, the patient can undertake the following:

  • Note down any signs or symptoms that they are experiencing, including symptoms that may appear unrelated to the reason for scheduling the consultation.
  • Enlist any drugs, vitamins, or supplements that they currently take.
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany them to the appointment as it is sometimes difficult to remember all the details during an appointment. The person accompanying the patient may remember something that they missed or forgot.
  • Arrange for the current doctor to send a copy of the previous health records, in case the patient is changing doctors.
  • Make a list of questions to ask the doctor.


Dr. Garabekyan’s Expertise in Hip Procedures

The judicious Dr. Garabekyan is highly skilled at hip arthroscopy as well as realignment osteotomies of the pelvis and upper femur (PAO/DFO). He believes in the holistic treatment of hip dysplasia.

The compassionate Dr. Garabekyan performs hip arthroscopy without a perineal post. This enables him to perform simultaneous bilateral hip arthroscopy, minimizing the recovery period and getting his patients back in the game faster.

Experienced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tigran Garabekyan receives patients from Los Angeles, Century City, CA, and nearby areas for hip joint treatments.
Dr. Tigran Garabekyan
 is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip preservation. To learn more about Southern California Hip Institute or to schedule a consultation, click here to contact us or 

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Serving patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, West Hollywood, Century City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and other neighboring cities in the greater Los Angeles, California area.

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