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Can Pelvic Problems Cause Hip Pain?

Pelvic Problems You can feel hip pain in a wide array of places, such as the inside of the hip joint, outside the hip, near the groin, or in the thigh or buttock region. This depends on the cause of

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Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip Pain in Women Do you have pain in your hip? Women tend to experience hip pain more than men as with other types of chronic pain. However, there are several different causes of hip pain. It’s vital to find

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Labral Tear Caused By Structural Abnormalities

Labral Tear  Labral tears can occur on their own because of wear and tear or an acute injury. However, they commonly occur because of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) – a type of underlying bone abnormality. The disorder is because of a

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Labral Tear Caused By Repetitive Motions

Labral Tear  Hip labral tear occurs when the band of cartilage surrounding the hip joint, called the labrum gets injured. The injuries can occur because of trauma, such as a car accident or fall. However, they can also occur because

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Labral Tear Caused By Trauma

Labral Tear  Acetabular labral tear causes pain if the labrum is frayed, torn, or damaged. Labral tears can result in pain in the anterior side of the hip, groin pain, and buttock pain. This condition is thought to result from

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Femoral Hernia Causes And Treatment

Femoral Hernia Femoral hernia refers to tissue pushing out through a weak spot in the inner thigh or groin muscle wall. Common causes of this condition include overstraining while exercising, coughing, or passing a stool, and being overweight. Southern California

Posted in Hip Preservation

What Is A Femoral Hernia?

Femoral Hernia It’s possible for the intra-abdominal tissues to get pushed through the muscle at a weakened spot if you overstrain. The portion of tissue that gets pushed through the femoral canal wall is called femoral hernia. This condition appears

Posted in Hip Preservation

Sciatica Hip Pain Causes And Treatment

Sciatica Pain  Nearly 25 percent of all Americans have had sciatica hip pain (characterized as sharp and disabling pain) at some point in their lives. Sciatica pain flows down the sciatica nerve from the lower back to the hips and

Posted in Hip Treatment, Pain Management

What Are The First Signs of Hip Problems?

Hip Problems Hip problems are a common concern for several patients because of the involved pain. This is particularly true for aging people that maintain an active lifestyle. The specific location of pain can help towards pinpointing the underlying cause.

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What Is A Hip Flexor Strain And How Is It Treated?

Hip Flexor Strain Hip flexors are a group of flexible muscle tissues that allow you to bend knees and flex your hips. These are located in the pelvic region and near the top of the thigh. Overstretching or overusing these

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