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About Iliac Crest Pain (Pelvic Pain) Prevention

It is possible to prevent iliac crest pain by taking good care of the body. Unfortunately, most people do not focus on prevention and end up in pain.

In some cases, it can be challenging to prevent iliac crest pain, such as during pregnancy. But the patient can speak to their doctor about exercises and stretches that they can perform to reduce their chances of iliac crest pain.

Southern California Hip Institute (SCHI), led by board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tigran Garabekyan, provides orthopedic surgery to patients in Los Angeles, Century City, CA, and surrounding communities.


Iliac Crest Pain Prevention

In case a person has never experienced iliac crest pain but has seen someone else suffer from it, they may be interested in understanding how to avoid the discomfort, pain, and immobility that is often associated with the condition.

There are multiple ways to prevent iliac crest pain. For example, most shoes wear out eventually. When that occurs, they do not offer appropriate stability to the feet.

It is important to make an effort to change our shoes to something robust that can provide good shock absorption as well as stability for the legs and feet. Avoiding running or walking on surfaces that are unequal or in locations that are uphill and downhill can also help prevent the condition.

The best way to avoid ilium pain is considered to be muscle enhancement. If a person exercises regularly and performs stretching to keep the abdomen and hip muscles strong and the joints flexible, it can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of iliac crest pain.

It is important to take preventive measures to avoid iliac crest pain or any other hip-related conditions.


Tips for Prevention

Wearing Proper Footwear

Feet form the foundation of the body, which makes it vital to take care of them. Good foot care starts with shoes that are well-fitting.

It is important to pay extra attention to shoes, particularly if a person is a runner or plays sports on a routine basis. Running or athletic shoes should be replaced when they start to show wear.

Use Tracks for Running

Many of us do not have the luxury of running on good quality tracks. Still, it is important to find a nice, even stretch of road to run on. Uphill and downhill running should be avoided, at least until the recovery is complete.

Warm-up Properly

Most people get this wrong, and just start running without properly warming up their muscles, joints, stretching or getting the blood blowing.

This is a major mistake that can have severe consequences, such as muscle rupture. Additionally, it is essential to cool down and stretch after a person is done working out or running.

Avoid Uneven Surfaces

The surface should be level and in good condition when running or engaging in sports.

Improve Muscle Strength

Performing exercises that strengthen the muscles around the iliac crest help prevent injury and pain.


Stretching the muscles and ligaments surrounding the iliac crest and pelvis can also help avoid some injuries and pain.

Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Garabekyan receives patients from Los Angeles, Century City, CA, and nearby areas for orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Tigran Garabekyan is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip preservation. To learn more about Southern California Hip Institute or to schedule a consultation, click here to contact us or call:

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